Monday, June 1, 2015

22 Dead in Texas as Floodwaters Rise

The death toll in Texas has risen to 22 as a result of the torrential flooding that occurred over Memorial Day weekend. CNN reports: "So much rain has fallen this May on flood-ravaged Texas that it could cover the entire state with 8 inches of water." Even my hometown, Houston, fell victim to the extreme weather conditions. Many of my friends still living there said that school had been cancelled on Friday because of the flooding.

A car stuck in floodwater along Interstate 45 in Houston
Alyssa Ramierez, the homecoming queen of Devine High School in Devine, Texas, died in the floodwaters after her senior prom "around 2:45 a.m. Sunday within sight of [her] home about two miles away" (KTLA). This saddening story and many others that have begun to surface in the wake of this disaster only serve to highlight how disastrous the rain has been in Texas. 
Floodwaters rose above cars as shown in this photo

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