Monday, June 1, 2015

UFO or Meteor?

Two weeks ago on Saturday night at about 10:45 when I went outside to look at the sky, (it was a particularly clear night and I wanted to see the stars) I happened to look at the east quadrant of the sky and caught a bright green light streaking through the sky, and not like a plane or satellite - this was a bright, bright greenish-yellow light. Originally I thought it was something that fell out of the light on my street, but the light disappeared behind the line of trees.

So what was this mysterious light? I was fairly doubtful that it was an "unidentified flying object." I mean, I love Roswell as much as the next Netflix watcher, but it seemed highly unlikely. So I had to assume that this light was a meteor falling into the Earth's orbit.

The Geminid meteor shower in December
A basic Google search of "meteor shower 2015" will bring up numerous "meteor calendars" - that is, a chart of specific dates and approximate times of when you'll be able to see meteor showers. (For context, a meteor shower is any grouping of meteors that appear to come from one point in the sky as a result of the Earth passing through a steady stream of particles in its orbit. A specific shower is named for the constellation that most closely matches to where it appears the meteors are coming from, i.e. the Alpha Capricornids.) I've checked all the calendars since that night, and the only shower scheduled to happen in May was the Eta Aquariids, from April 19-May 26, with its peak night from May 6-7.

If you have any other theories as to what this light was or if you saw the light for yourself, feel free to leave a comment below!

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